Lincoln Camera Club – Churches Project.


A big thank you to all those who are taking part in the project. We have now received pictures of 144 churches, from 11 club members. It would be great to at least double that number of members taking part.

The opportunity is there as the project will continue into next year and pictures may be submitted until 30 June 2017. At this stage, you only need to supply projected digital images. (PDIs)

Here are few general guidelines for those who wish to take part:- Having so far got a good selection of churches photographed we are now looking more for particularly interesting or unusual church buildings.

Whichever you choose to photograph, where possible shoot to give more of an “arty” look, more pictorial or atmospheric, in maybe early morning mist or evening sunlight. I’m sure you get the idea. If we get snow this winter that will also be a good opportunity to produce something different and it won’t matter if you’ve already photographed a favourite church in summer light. Even night shots would be worth experimenting with, perhaps using light painting techniques, or astro type pictures with star trails.We are, after all a club for photographers !

Plus look out for churches in the county which have historic or colourful interiors or windows besides other unique features you feel are worth recording.

Whatever ideas you have please provide say 5 or 6 shots of each church from different angles and include one of the church notice board as this will help a lot to identify each church later in the project.

You will find that trees in churchyards can be a problem in obscuring the building, so consider including such trees in your composition even if it means loosing less important parts of the building. Often it is difficult to move far enough back to include the whole building in a shot, so rather than cram the building in right up to the edges of the frame try to find a different angle to shoot from or again even crop off part of the building.

Bear in mind that if you have to tilt your camera up to include everything in the picture, you should allow extra space right and left to for correction of converging verticals, which can crop a surprising amount from your image.

When shooting interiors use a tripod to enable you to take several bracketed exposures to produce an HDR image. This will give a vast improvement in detail of stained glass windows as well as the general church interior.

When you submit images it will be useful to have them as copies straight from your camera, that way we can see possible cropping options when the final prints are made.

Lastly, suggestions are always welcome, so if you have any, or indeed any questions about the project please let me know, either at a club meeting or by email at –

David Piper

Finally ( really ! ), you can see a list of the churches photographed so far Churches done