Lincoln Camera Club is amongst the oldest camera clubs in Britain. Its history can be traced back over 80 years.

Lincoln Camera Club was established in 1925 based around a photographic society going back to Victorian times that had been based in the City of Lincoln.

For many years it held its meetings in the old YMCA but in April 1956 it purchased the Methodist Chapel on Well Lane as its new meeting place
This club room was used until April 2005, when the club moved to its’ current premises at the Cathedral Centre.

Although much of our photographic equipment has changed since the club was formed we still have members who produce pictures in darkrooms using film and paper.

Official opening of Lincoln Camera Club premises at Well Lane in April 1956 attended by The Mayor and other civic dignitaries

The Club Committee have decided to produce a full history of the club, to be published both in book form and on the website. The history will be compiled from records lodged with Lincolnshire Archives (Minute Books etc.), from Newspaper accounts and from recollections of current / previous club members (especially from about 1950 to date). Pictures, with descriptions / dates are especially welcomed for possible inclusion (Copyright will be retained by contributor). Any website readers who wish to contribute, or simply comment on work done so far, can contact the Author via the Contact Form on this website or at a club meeting via a Committee Member.

The latest (Draft) part can be read via the button on the right, all comments welcomed >>>

December 2016 : The draft copy has been updated with history covering 1981 to 1997 added to the document.

Club History 1892 - 1997  A4  :  DRAFT 1